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Entomology Certified Termite & Pest Specialists

Termite Inspection in Your Edwardsville, IL Home!

Termite Inspection in Your Edwardsville, IL Home!

Termite Inspection & Control

The team at Brady Pest is the best termite specialists in the Edwardsville, IL area. We are a locally owned and operated company and take pride in our work. We have taken care of the local community since 1999 for all their termite inspection needs.


Why Choose Brady Pest

Choose the experts at Brady Pest because termite inspections are a serious matter, especially if you are building, recovering, or purchasing a property. Many lenders and FHA loans require that you complete a termite inspection before you engage in any real estate transactions. Our expert exterminators offer complete conventional termite inspection reports that are up to standard and efficient. Our team will conduct a full inspection for the signs of all potential wood-eating and destroying organisms. Those include:

  • Subterranean Termites   
  • Dry wood Termites       
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Carpenter Bees       
  • Wood Destroying Beetles

If we find termites, our team will offer you expert advice on your treatment options moving forward.

Accurate & Complete Inspections

Most termite inspections start with a request from homeowners, mortgage companies, realtors, or attorneys. We then schedule the time and price of your inspection and get to work.

What to Expect During Your Inspection

We will start with your foundation and search for signs of present and past termite infestation. Those can look like shelter tubes or damaged wood.

We will then examine your basement and crawl spaces. We will check the sill plate, band board, and floor joists for signs of weak spots. We will also search for WDO’s such as frass, hollowing, and dead or living insects.

Other floors of your property may include attics. We will also check those and search for boreholes, exit holes, nests on your baseboards, doors, window frames, and walls.

Bug InfestationDuring our inspection, we will also alert you if we discover other pests or rodents that may need further termination. In most cases, the entire duration of your inspection will take less than an hour to complete.

Your termite inspection will then determine if there is any visible evidence of past or present wood destroying organisms. After the inspection one of our professional team members at Brady Pest Control will then provide you with the needed certification letter or detailed written report entailing what we had found and recommendations for further treatment.

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