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Entomology Certified Termite & Pest Specialists

Common questions asked about our Termite & Pest Control Company

Q: Is the material you use safe for kids and pets?


Brady Pest Solutions is very conscious to select products that are very effective for insects but have very low toxicity for mammals. Our main liquid material is equal in toxicity to a spoonful of salt added to a gallon of water. The product is also microencapsulated to affect the insect’s biology without any negative impact on kids and pets.

Q: Is it important to do follow-up services to control insects?


The material we use has a residual effect, meaning it will work very well for 60 days. To abide by state regulations and safety concerns material inside homes must break down within that period of time. Some companies only use a 30-day residual and do one-time services which will not work. Since all insects lay eggs, which are protected until they hatch the insect population must be totally controlled and it is a process that takes time. It is estimated that each service will reduce the active/ remaining population by 75%-85% during each successive treatment. This is also why we guarantee our service.

Q: What happens if we see more insects after you do your initial service?


The first service will begin the process of reducing the insect population very quickly. There may be some infrequent sightings within the first 60 days since the material causes dehydration, but if they become more frequent you would call us to schedule an extra service at no charge between the regular service interval.

Q: Is it true that the brown recluse spiders are dangerous and very prevalent in this area?


Yes, the brown recluse is a very venomous species of spider that is found in most homes in this area. They are structural nesting and since this area is considered a virtual hotbed for them our homes make a perfect hiding place to live and breed. The brown recluse spider is difficult to identify until they are fully mature. Because they prefer more isolated areas most homeowners will not notice them until their numbers increase dramatically. The bite can be quite severe since the venom causes the tissue to die and often requires medical attention.

Q: Since spiders have long legs is it possible to control the brown recluse?


Yes, but the correct formulation of material must be used. Most material leaves a flat film when it dries and may be effective for some insects but not for spiders. Brady Pest Solutions uses a unique protocol to reduce and control all spiders guaranteed especially the brown recluse. We actually specialize in this type of treatment.

Q: Our neighbor had termites. Should we be concerned about a possible problem with our home?


Termites live in underground colonies where the workers build an elaborate network of tunnels leading to the topsoil. From there, workers spread out in search of wood to ground or tunnel around any obstructions they encounter to find their only food source (cellulose). They also split off to start new colonies in close proximity by a phenomenon known as swarming. It is now estimated that a single colony could have 1 million termites and that an acre of ground could sustain 12 colonies. Because termites cause so much unseen damage to homes until it is too late it is advisable to have a home inspected annually by a proven qualified termite inspector to catch the damage as early as possible. If conducive conditions are discovered measures can be performed to offer guaranteed protection to your home.

Q: We have noticed an increase in ant activity in or around our home. Is there any reason to be concerned?


Possibly. We have hundreds of varieties of ants in this area. Many are classified as exterior ants and can be a nuisance, especially after very wet or extremely dry weather. They can be controlled fairly easily since they eventually go back to their outside nesting areas. However, some ants are classified as structural nesting because they will use your home as a primary nesting site. These ants will require more extensive control measures and can cause structural damage such as carpenter ants or become a major nuisance/infestation such as pharoah or argentine ants. It is best to have a qualified, entomologically trained inspector to check your home and identify the exact ants you are having problems with.

Q: There have been a few roaches we found in our kitchen. Can we use roach spray to effectively get rid of them?


Unfortunately, roaches are very difficult to control because of their breeding habits. The German roaches will increase in number faster than you will be able to eliminate them. The females will drop egg capsules which will hatch 65 young. They will grow to maturity in a short time and continue the breeding cycle. Even if the female dies, her developing capsule will continue to hatch. As their numbers increase it becomes exponential growth. 65 x 65 x 65 etc. And the eggs are protected until they hatch. There is a professional protocol, which includes a very effective residual mixed with an insect growth regulator and using an extremely effective roach gel bait. This process will succeed because it will eliminate the active population and slow the egg-laying reproductive stages to eventually control the problem, guaranteed.

Q: We are getting ready to put our house up for sale. Would it be a good idea to first have the home inspected for termites or other wood-destroying insects?


Absolutely. By having a professional entomology team carefully inspect your home, they would methodically go through a checklist of required areas to inspect and information to share to help the sales process go much smoother. If there are any concerns they could be addressed before the house is on the market so there are no hidden surprises.

Q: I seem to have bite marks when I sleep at night. Is it possible I could have bed bugs?


Bed bugs have become a growing issue in our area. A thorough pest inspection should be performed to determine if that is a problem. Bed bugs can be detected by carefully examining the folds and creases in the mattress and box springs. Surprisingly, mature bed bugs and their eggs can also hide behind an adjacent wall/trim and other areas throughout a bedroom living room, and furniture. I discovered a very thorough professional treatment can be performed with guaranteed results.

Q: What Should I Know about Vapor Barrier Encapsulation?


At Brady Pest Solutions, we add a borate wood treatment to any wood structure that may have signs of mold or wood fungus. This treatment would stop all further damage immediately. It’s important to keep crawl spaces and other tight areas as moisture-free as possible to ensure your home’s foundational quality. We also offer dehumidification process services to remove harmful contaminants due to the existing mold.

Q: For some time now we have noticed a musty odor that seems to be coming from our crawl space. What would you recommend?


Often times crawl spaces do not have proper ventilation and moisture barrier. When that occurs heavy moisture can evaporate and permeate into the wood structure and the living space of your home. It can be especially irritating to anyone suffering from allergies, sinus issues, or breathing problems. Over time it can also cause damage to the floor joists, sill plates, header boards, and sub-flooring. Sometimes fungus spores will attach to the wood structure of a crawl space and cause further damage. First and foremost, I would recommend a thorough inspection of the entire crawl space to determine what problems, if any, do exist. Just a simple thick vapor barrier can remedy many issues by preventing moisture permeation.

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