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Dealing with Bed Bugs While Traveling in O’Fallon, IL

Insect Infestation

There may be nothing scarier than discovering bed bugs in your house, however, finding them while you are out traveling is just as scary. Nobody wants to be stuck in a hotel room with a bed bug infestation. The fact that at this time of year we are inside more often than not means you have a better shot of seeing them than you did earlier in the year. These brownish-red insects are tough and will look for any way to spread themselves around. If you own a home in O’Fallon, IL, you owe it to yourself to read more as we talk more about these pests and how to deal with them.

bed bug infestation

Looking for Bed Bugs

You should understand the signs of an infestation so that way you know if you have any lurking in the area you are staying at.  You should start by pulling back your sheets and examining the edges of your mattress. If you notice any rust-colored stains, exoskeletons, eggshells, or musty odors, it is a sure sign you have an infestation. Have your mattress held up and take a look underneath your mattress for any signs. Check the headboard of your bed, as well as the wall behind your headboard. You should also inspect the other furniture in your room. With any luck, you may end up finding the bed bugs themselves.

What if You Discover Bed Bugs While Traveling

If you find evidence of bed bugs or find the pests themselves while you are staying in a hotel or motel room, be sure to notify staff or rental contact as soon as possible. Be sure that you keep your luggage far away from where you discovered the bed bugs and examine your belonging for signs of them. Be sure to ask for a different room if possible.

Avoiding Bringing Them Into Your Home

Once you make it back to your O’Fallon, IL home, the last thing you would want to happen is to bring an infestation of bed bugs with you. If you plan on traveling, be sure that you keep your luggage secure by storing it on hard surfaces such as on racks, desks, dressers, or even a bathroom if you have to. Once you get home, be sure to dry any of the clothing items you brought with you for 30 minutes. While some may believe that washing your clothes is good enough, bed bugs are highly resilient pests that will not die unless you take them out with a high-heat dry. Once you are all done, keep your luggage outside for a couple of days. The bed bugs hate not having fabric to hide in and they will end up leaving if they have nowhere to hide.

What if Bed Bugs Make It into Your Home?

bed bug bites

Even if you take every care and precaution in the world, you still may find yourself waking up to find bed bug bite marks on your skin. It cannot be understated how resilient bed bugs can be. If you find bed bugs lurking around your home, your best option is to call a local exterminator who can remove these pests from your home. Professional exterminators are experienced are equipped with everything they need to locate and eliminate these annoying pests from your home.

If you are looking for expert exterminators in O’Fallon, IL who can rid your home of bed bugs, give our team of professionals over at Brady Pest Control a call today. Our team is skilled in dealing with many different pest infestations and can eliminate them from your home and deter them from coming back.

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