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Tips for Preventing Fall Pests in Your Troy, IL Home

Boxelder Bug

While you might know fall as the time of year when the nights go longer and the leaves change color, it’s also the peak time of the year when pests make their way into your home to live out the cold months. We will be going over some pests to look out for and ways you can keep pests out of your Troy, IL home.

Fall Month Pests

As fall continues on it’s only going to get colder. The cold months mark an open invitation to a slew of annoying insects and other pests to make it into your home. Be on the lookout for some of these pests during the fall.



While these insects may provide some benefits to the outside of your home, the last thing you want is for them to be in your home.  These insects are infamous for secreting a nasty-smelling fluid when threatened, a fluid that can and will leave a yellow stain on anything it comes into contact with.


Typical house mice will try to live in quiet and dark places. They like their nests to be made of cotton, fiber, fabric, or anything they can get their claws on. Mice feed on seeds and insects they can find, or just about anything edible they can find if they have to. They are also incredibly athletic creatures and can scale large buildings, run at fast speeds, and jump a foot into the air. If you notice that mice are in your home, seek an exterminator immediately. Mice urination is dangerous to human health and they can secrete a lot of it.


Flies are one of the most common and disgusting pests you can have in your home. You will often find them flying around, ramming into the windows of your home. The buzzing sound of their flight can be droning to listen to constantly. If you happen to have a lot of flies in your home, it could signify a deeper underlining issue, such as having rodents like mice present in your home.

Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs can be a common sight in the home right around fall time depending on the area you live in. These insects are not known for causing any harm to property or people. They are mostly known for positioning themselves to the south and west ends of your home to soak up the sun. While not harmless, they can still be an annoyance.


One good thing about spiders is that they will eat other bugs they find. This is one of the biggest reasons you will find them in your home. Their numbers can grow, however, and it is important to act once they become a prevalent issue in your home. Spiders can pose a danger to those allergic to their bites.

Ways of Prevention

Fall Pests

There are many ways to prevent unwanted pests from getting into your home this fall. Make sure to seal up crevices and cracks around your home with some caulk. Install screens on your doors, windows, and chimneys. Make sure to store any food securely and regularly dispose of your garbage. Also, make sure that you fix any leaky pipes or other points of moisture in your home.

If you need help removing some annoying pest from your home this fall, call our expert extermination team over at Brady Pest and Termite Management today!

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