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Keeping Your Edwardsville, IL Home Safe from Pests During the Winter

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During the summer, pests are thriving outdoors, during the fall, they begin to slow down and make their way indoors, by winter, pets will be practically begging for a place to stay while it is cold outside in Edwardsville, IL. The last thing you want to be crawling around in your home is annoying and gross pests. Here we will be explaining more about the way you may see so many pests during the winter and how to deal with them.

Where Pests Go During the Winter

Pets that are insects happen to be ectothermic creatures, meaning they have cold blood. This fact leaves these especially creepy pests susceptible to the elements during the cold winters in Edwardsville, IL. Many insects do have ways of dealing with the winter. Flying insects will have regular migration patterns during the colder months. Monarch butterflies, for example, will start their migration south during August and October each year. The typical direction flying insects take when it’s getting cold is either to fly to Mexico for the winter or fly to California or its surrounding areas where it is slightly warmer.

Not all insects can simply fly away at a moment’s notice, however, and those who are forced to stay will simply find somewhere to hibernate during the winter. The processes that these insects use to hibernate are very similar to other creatures like bears. Unlike bears, these creatures will not hesitate to make their way into people’s homes to hibernate.

Pests in Your Home

As soon as the temperature drops outside, you can expect many pests to begin looking for a home away from home for the winter. This is why people find pests in their homes more during the winter than ever. You will find that spiders will make their way into people’s homes so they can take advantage of the desperately cold pests situations. They themselves need to stay warm during the cold anyways so finding a home to stay in works out perfectly for them. You will also find that rats and mice will start to make their way into your home as well. Mice can fit themselves into the tiny holes and crevasses of your home to make it in. They will certainly make themselves right at home once they find the perfect spot to stay, making a mess, and using their teeth to cause damage to your home.

Rats are even more destructive with their teeth. These creatures in particular need to wear down their teeth themselves considering they grow so fast. Rats and mice will also find their situation similar to spiders since they can also use their new home to feast on the insects making their way in. While it may seem attractive to have these pests specifically in your home to ward off other pests, the rodents can make a huge mess in your home and the spiders can be poisonous. It is better to have no pests at all in your home.

Keeping Them Away from Your Home


During all seasons of the year, you must find ways to keep pests away from your home. If you own firewood, keep it stored somewhere that is not too close to your home itself. Be sure to seal up any gaps in your home that pests can make their way into. Also, be sure to have your trees trimmed regularly as pests can use them to access your home through your roof. If you find that pests make it into your home during the winter, the best option is to call a professional exterminator to have them removed.

If you are having any infestations in your Edwardsville, IL home this winter, give our team over at Brady Pest Control a call today!

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