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Eliminating Fleas from Your Glen Carbon, IL Home

fleas glen carbon, il
flea infestation glen carbon, il

Trying to get fleas out of your Glen Carbon, IL home can be a long and costly process. While other common pests like bedbugs can cause mild irritation to you, fleas can cause major discomfort to people and pets alike. To successfully rid your property of fleas, you often need to treat the home, yard, and your pets. Here is some useful information for any pet owners looking to get fleas out of their homes.

Flea Facts

  • Adult fleas spend most of their time on your animals than they do on the carpet of your home. This is why the pet needs to get treated for fleas along with their environment.
  • Flea larvae will turn into pupae within a cocoon. They stay in the cocoon for around 2 to 4 weeks or longer. These cocoons are insecticide resistant which can lead to there still being some fleas left even after the home is treated.
  • Fleas can lay around 50 eggs a day. Those eggs tend to fall off of animals and into the carpeting, areas where your pets sleep, and your furniture. The control effort should be focused on these areas.

Premises Treatment

Neglecting to treat the areas your pet inhabits, mainly your home, is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to deal with fleas. Once you have fleas in your home, you must start using insecticides. There are also some other important things you should do to treat your home. Remove any clothing, toys, and other items from underneath beds, on your floors, and in your closets. Make sure to wash or even destroy your pet’s bedding. You may need to swap out your pets’ food and water bowls. Out of all the things you can do to treat your home, make sure to vacuum. By vacuuming, you can eliminate any developing fleas in your home. You can cause pre-adult fleas to emerge early from their cocoons, exposing them to insecticides. Vacuuming also helps work insecticides down to the carpet’s fiber, helping to get more fleas. Aim for vacuuming around areas where your pets rest as well as on the edges of walls and underneath and within the cushions of furniture.

Yard Treatment

A majority of flea problems are found in the home, but there are cases where you will want to focus on eliminating fleas from your yard. This can be a concern if your pet spends most of its time outside rather than in the home. One way you can check for fleas in your yard is to wear a long pair of brightly colored socks and walk around your yard. After doing this you might see some on your socks. The treatment for fleas that are outdoors is to focus on areas where your pet typically is outside like their doghouses or kennels.

Pet Treatment

treating pets for fleas glen carbon, il

Making sure your pet is properly treated is important when trying to treat your home for fleas, it’s best to try to treat both on the same day. The adult fleas will spend all of their time on animals, which will cause your pet discomfort. Those fleas are also brought into the home by the pet, which over time can weaken the effectiveness of the pesticides.

Do you have a flea problem and need help trying to remove them? Give our team over at Brady Pest & Terminate Management a call today and our experts will be there to assist you.

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