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How to Get Rid of a Termite Infestation in Your Maryville, IL Home


A termite infestation in your home can be worrisome. Are you worried that termites may be invading your Maryville, IL home? Contacting a pest control expert is always the best course of action for getting rid of termites.

Termite control professionals should be hired for the following reasons:

  • DIY termite treatments are typically useless and won’t stop termites from reinfesting your property.
  • Termites are extremely sneaky animals that are challenging to spot without specialist knowledge.
  • The treatment of termites will be made in the safest manner possible by a qualified pest control specialist.
Pest Control

Termite prevention

Preventative measures are equally as important as curative ones in the fight against termites. Termites won’t be drawn to your property if you take preventative measures to repel them, preventing an infestation altogether. Here are some suggestions for termite defense.

Most termites need moisture to survive

  • Fix any roof issues because cracked tiles can let in moisture, which gives termites the ideal conditions to start munching away and constructing their nests.
  • If you have an air conditioner unit in a window, keep an eye on it. The wood around windows may become damp due to the moisture that an air conditioner leaks, which will make the location ideal for termite infection.
  • Watch out for leaky pipes because they can wet the wood around them. Additionally, make sure that stormwater drainage is linked correctly and directed away from your home.
  • Make sure your property has adequate ventilation because poor ventilation in the sub-floor areas will lead to high moisture and humidity levels.

Eliminate potential entry points

Termites will take advantage of any opportunity to invade your home.

  • Seal cracks and openings in windows and doors – when termite swarmers emerge, they might enter through damaged window screens and doors with cracks and openings.
  • Stacking wood against the side of your house or allowing climbing plants or bushy gardens to grow against it, might be an issue and attract termites to your property.
  • Make space between wood and soil – Build wood fences and support posts with a 2-inch distance between the wood and the soil. Any good hardware store will have galvanized posts that will raise the timber off the ground.
  • Cleaning up construction sites is important because termites frequently attack scaffolding and utilize it to gain entry to your home.

Do not provide food sources

  • Termites eat constantly. They are well-known for consuming wood, but they’ll also consume other materials.
  • Get rid of cardboard – termites enjoy chewing on cardboard packaging. Store items in plastic boxes rather than cardboard boxes so that termites do not have to chew through boxes if they get into the attic.
  • Put your laundry away – termites are looking for cellulose, and certain materials can be just as appealing to them as wood. To avoid a termite infestation, pick up heaps of clothing and store them neatly.
  • Tend the garden – instead of wood, use mulch made of pebbles or rubber, and place it away from your house. Use treated wood in garden beds, retaining walls, and fence posts to keep termites away.
  • Remove any dead trees or stumps – dead trees and stumps are good nesting areas for termites. Remove or treat these to lessen the risk to your property.
  • Examine the wood around your house – Take the time to inspect the wooden beams and exposed wood (including furniture) around your home. If you press your thumb or fingers on exposed wood and the wood crumbles, you most likely have termites. Termites and other pests can be eliminated if caught early.
Termite Management

Getting rid of termites with Brady Pest & Termite Management

An infestation of termites in your Maryville, IL home can be worrisome. Are you worried that termites may be invading your home? Contacting us at Brady Pest & Termite Management and one of our pest control experts will make sure we use the best course of action for getting rid of termites.

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