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Keeping Your Troy, IL Home Pest Free in the Winter

Keeping Your Troy, IL Home Pest Free in the Winter
Pesky InsectsWhat do stinkbugs, ladybugs, and boxelder bugs all have in common? They are all pesky insects that need to be removed. These bugs can enter your home during the cold months and cause annoyance. If you are experiencing these issues in Troy, Illinois, read below to figure out what you can do to prevent it from happening again!

Tips for Dealing with Pesky Insects

The greatest tip is to call Brady Pest Control, and we can come to take care of these pesky insects for you. However, if you are looking for some ways to take care of the issue yourself, here are 8 tips to help.

  1. Use caulk to seal cracks in doors, windows, and vents. Some cracks may be small, but some insects can still fly through.
  2. Any damaged window screens can be replaced or repaired.
  3. Use caulk to deal with opening by pipes and wires in your foundation or siding. If there are bigger openings, you can use other materials that will cover them.
  4. If you can see light coming in from under or around the door, it’s probably a good idea to seal under them as bugs can enter through these small spaces as well.
  5. Chimney caps are great to keep stinkbugs away and other types of wildlife. Keep it closed when not in use as well.
  6. Hardware cloth comes in handy to cover attic and roof vents.
  7. All window AC units should be removed to keep the bugs away as well as they can crawl through these items.
  8. Inside the home, you can apply residual insecticide around your doors, windows, utility openings, and wherever a change of material may be found.
Pesky InsectsBy following these tips, you can save yourself from a long winter filled with an insect-infested home. If you happen to find them inside, however, withhold from using chemical treatments. They can be in your walls where they can be unaffected. Instead, use a vacuum to suck up the insects, or light-baited/funnel trap. You can also try any soapy water traps to help get rid of them inside your home.If all else fails, Brady Pest Control would be more than happy to help you with your pest needs. Don’t hesitate to call us at (618) 343-1790. We can help you with those overwinter pests and free your home of the insects once and for all.

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