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Spotting Mice in Your O’Fallon Illinois Home

Spotting Mice in Your O’Fallon Illinois Home

Mice in O’Fallon Illinois

MiceOne of the most disturbing sightings from any homeowner would be an encounter with a mouse. These pests only need the bare minimum of space to be able to crawl their way into your homes. Unlike bugs, mice wreak more havoc and can also cause many different diseases. They are the last thing that any homeowner would want to see crawling through their homes. If you have noticed a sign of mice, and are wanting to find the best ways to take care of them, then continue reading our guide created just for you.

How to Spot a Mouse in your House

There are different indicators that homeowners should know when dealing with a mice infestation. Mice are not the cleanest house guest, and you will know right away that one is in your home because of this reason. If any of your food has been opened without your knowledge, this is a tall tale sign. Mice will leave little openings in food packages, and leave a trail behind them. You can tell this on any boxed snack because the damage will look like little tears on the bottom of any of the containers. Where you will see your eaten food, you will also see their remains. Mice are known to leave little droplets in your home that are as small as a pebble. If you have noticed them where you keep your food, you have a little fuzzy friend hiding in your home.

How to Prevent a Mice Infestation

Mice PreventionAs said before, mice can come into any small area of your house. From the little openings to your garage doors, vents, and even cracks in your sidings and walls. They will find a way to get into a home to seek shelter. Many homeowners will set their own traps, however, we don’t recommend this method. It is best to call an exterminator to get the job done for you. While waiting on an exterminator, we recommend sealing these different areas of your home. If you don’t notice any openings or problems with your space, it may be a good time to do a little check here and there. After all, mice don’t need much space when it comes to squeezing their way in. Take time once or twice a year to check different areas of your home. If there is loose siding or a draft that you can feel, this would be the perfect time to check those areas out and get them mice-free.

Our Job Is About Helping You

When it comes to different infestations, mice can be the most unsettling. However, they are very wise and know how to get into a home as easily as they so well, please. If you have noticed a sighting of a mouse, the first thing we ask is for you not to panic. If you are to take care of the mice yourself, you could put yourself at risk for different diseases that they do carry. Having your animals also take care of these jobs could potentially be harmful to them as well. By giving our trusted team at Brady Pest a call we will ensure not only an easy and smooth removal of these mice but a safe one as well.

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