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How to Handle Carpenter Bees in Edwardsville, IL

How to Handle Carpenter Bees in Edwardsville, IL

Common Carpenter Bees

Carpenter BeesIf during this particular season you have been noticing large furry bees around your Edwardsville, IL home, then you are not alone. Unfortunately for many homeowners, carpenter bees are known to find their way around properties during the warmer seasons of the year, such as spring and summer. When it comes to the carpenter bee, they can be tricky to handle. They also do come in bunches as most insects do. They are not the common stinging insect however, they have the ability to. With these pests, the main focus is the different damage they create for homeowners.If you are wanting to know how to get rid of these different pests or how to prepare for them and not find shelter in your home, then keep on reading.

How to Spot Them

If your home has a wooden deck or any other wooden materials around the area, you might have seen a carpenter bee or even the behinds of one. These certain bees will also be out throughout the day. Carpenter Bees mainly swarm around wood since this is their main source of storage, place of living, and nesting. They will find anything from window sills, playground structures, or sidings to burrow into. If you see any types of holes through any of the places listed, you might be dealing with some new carpenter bee neighbors.

It is best to call your local Brady Pest exterminator to check out these different areas. Handling these bees on your own could be quite dangerous. When dealing with a carpenter bee sighting, the hole that they are creating could be the entrance to their nesting area. These bees will lay hundreds of eggs in these different structures, and won’t be seen until they are born.

What Do They Look Like?

Unlike the typical bumblebee, carpenter bees have only yellow near the top of their body, and that alone. When seeing a common bee, those are used to the cartoonish bumblebee with the white and brown or blackish/ brown stripes. Carpenter bees are only not furry like the common bumblebee. You will be able to notice this since their backs are shiny and solid black. These backs can also shine different colors in the light, ranging from green to even purple in certain cases. If you are noticing a bee that doesn’t have this coloring, you are looking at a carpenter bee problem.

Ways to Prevent Carpenter Bees

Carpenter BeesThere are different sprays and repellents that you could purchase to get rid of or prevent these bees from coming into your home. When dealing with the carpenter bee, they are looking for any possible holes that they can already use to create their new home. During the cooler seasons of the year, it may be best practice to check out your decks or kiddy playgrounds for any possible holes.

Since these bees are only active during the warmer season, this would be the perfect time to plug up any holes that you could possibly find. This would be best practice so that once they come back the following seasons, it would be trickier for them to find a proper nesting place.

To Wrap it Up

As stated before, these certain bees will not attack unless provoked. Your main concern when dealing with these bugs is the different damage that they will do to your home, decks, or any other wooden design you have. When dealing with these insects, we want them to be as stress-free as possible. Calling Brady Pest is the right answer when it comes to any problems with insects. Give us a call today for the help you need to have a carpenter bee-free summer!

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