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Everything You Should Know About Ant & Termite Swarms in Collinsville, Illinois

Everything You Should Know About Ant & Termite Swarms in Collinsville, Illinois

As spring approaches, one must be aware of the dangers and risks of developing ant or termite infestations in your Collinsville, Illinois home or office. You may not know, but in the spring some ants and termites will have wings, allowing them to fly and spread. But why? Here is everything you need to know about spring termites and ant swarms.

Only Certain Termites/Ants Are Able to Fly

Not all ants and termites can fly. The ones that can are usually kings and queens from colonies that are designed to reproduce and establish new colonies.

Swarming Termite Prevention

Swarmer’s = Colonies

When these producers establish a colony, it will be swarmed. These swarmers have on the job and it is to find a new location to build a nest. This is otherwise known as colonization.

Swarming Seasons Change Throughout the Year

It’s hard to tell when swarming seasons start and stop relative to your area, the weather, and other related factors. When it’s warm, ants and termites are more likely to swarm. When it’s cooler, they typically slow down and focus more on sustaining their population within their current nests.

Noticing Swarming Outside & Inside You Home Means Infestation

If you have started to notice ants or other swarmer’s outside or inside your home, that is an immediate sign that you need to call your local pest control specialist. If they are inside your home that meals that they had eaten up enough to get through from the outside in. Meaning that your home could be at serious risk.

Swarmer’s Shed Their Wings

Although they can fly, they don’t have this ability for very long. Once they find an area, they think they can colonize they shed their wings and begin to crawl and reproduce. If you begin to discard wings it is an indicator that swarmers are active within the walls of your home. It’s important that you call for a consultation as soon as possible.

Swarming Termites

Without Professional Termination, Your Home Is at Risk

 Ant and termite termination and removal are designed to eliminate current wood-destroying insects as well as prevent the development of new ones in the future. Call our team at Brady Pest to get started on your consultation. It’s better we catch the issue now than later. If you are experiencing any signs of termite damage or infestation.

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