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WDI & WDO Reports for Glen Carbon, IL Homeowners

WDI & WDO Reports for Glen Carbon, IL Homeowners

The Importance of Getting a WDI/WDO Report in Glen Carbon IL

WDI or WDO refers to a wood-destroying organism/insect report. It is a document that outlines potential threats presented by carpenter ants, termites, beetles, and other wood-damaging insects. At Brady Pest, we assist all buyers and sellers with their WDI/WDO reports. Our team of licensed professionals will inspect your property for the presence of wood-destroying insects and potential solutions if needed. We will also alert you of any conditions or weak spots that may make your property susceptible to damage in the future.

Why You Should Get a WDI/WDO Report – Buying or Selling


Termites Inspection Maryville ILTermite damage can be prevented if caught early enough. Unfortunately, most homeowners neglect to make termite control a priority, making it hard to catch the issue before it gets out of hand. This can lead to a new homeowner’s worst nightmare with extensive, and costly hidden damage. A WDI report help get the information before the issue arises and ensures that you won’t make a purchase you may regret.


Insects can cause damage that can be very costly to repair, and this damage is often below the surface and can go unnoticeable. As a property seller, it can make selling your property difficult, especially when a buyer discovers the unknown insect damage before you do. A trusted and certified WDI report helps you correct the issue prior to listing your property. It can as allow you to re-finance your property to recuperate any lost money when repairing.

How Bad Can Wood-Destroying Insects Be?

Humidity and warm temperatures give wood-destroying insects that they need to get to work on destroying your home. It can be difficult to treat them, especially if they are subterranean termites. Termites live underground and only come up to feed on the wood of man-made structures. Once they are inside the wood, they tend to feed quietly and hide within timbers where it is safe from the dry air and sunlight. Homeowners all around the U.S pay billions of dollars due to subterranean termites secretly eating away at their homes with little to no detection until further damage is done. By taking the time and investing in basic WDI reports, you can be saving your home and your wallet.

Carpenter Ants

Cockroach Control Maryville ILLike termites, carpenter ants can cause severe damage as well. These ants will carve out galleries inside the wood. They tend to begin with decaying wood but are known for making their way into sound timber and destroying it. As a carpenter ant colony expands, it expands throughout the structure. One nest will become multiple nests if not treated quickly.

Carpenter ants are no slouches. They can do quite a bit of damage as well. These ants carve out galleries inside the wood. They begin with decaying wood but are known to move into sound timbers. As a carpenter ant colony grows, it spreads through the structure. Once it matures, one nest can turn into several nests. Carpenter ants cost U.S. property owners hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs annually.

Protect Your Property

Our team at Brady Pest is always available to answer any questions you may have about inspections and treatments of WDI/WDO. If you are searching for a trusted, certified, and experienced pest control company, contact our team, today! We serve those in Glen Carbon, Illinois, and surrounding areas. You can reach us at (618) 235-1039. Call our office, today! We look forward to restoring your home or office back to normal.

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