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What You Should Know About Brown Recluse Spiders in Madison County, IL

Brown Recluse Spiders in Madison County, IL

Know What to Do About Brown Recluse Spiders in Madison County, IL

Brown Recluse SpiderBrown recluse spiders are among the most feared spiders in existence, but few people who haven’t come in contact with them actually know much about them. Those who have come in contact with the brown recluse will tell you: they aren’t as big and scary as you might believe, and generally, they only bite humans when threatened. Here is some information about these venomous spiders, and how to ensure that you don’t get too close to one.

Facts About Brown Recluse Spiders

The first thing you should know about brown recluse spiders is that they probably aren’t as big as what you’re picturing. Many of the most dangerous spiders, in fact, are some of the smallest. Brown recluse spiders get as big as one quarter to one-half inch in diameter, which is about average for spiders globally.

The brown recluse varies in color from light brown to dark brown and is identified by a dark brown or black violin pattern on its back. Its body is more round and is found throughout the Midwest, including in Madison County, IL.

The habits of the brown recluse spider involve nocturnal activity, when they kill their prey: insects like cockroaches and crickets. Unlike many spiders, they spin webs that aren’t used for catching prey. The webs of the brown recluse are used for shelter for the spider itself.

Brown recluse spiders are generally not threats, as long as they stay in their natural habitats: under rocks, in woodpiles, and other natural areas where they can find shelter in an enclosed space. The danger comes when they infest homes in the regions where they are found. Indoors, recluse spiders are found in locations that are dark and not heavily trafficked. Clothing and shoes are often homes for brown recluse spiders, which usually result in human contact and bites.

Brown Recluse Spider Pest ControlThe bite of the brown recluse spider is painless, but the venom starts to hurt a few hours after the bite appears. The pain from the bite is intense, and the bite itself turns into a blister and sometimes into an open sore. The symptoms of a brown recluse bite include restlessness and fever. Brown recluse spider bites are generally not life-threatening, but without medical attention, can be.

How can you make sure you don’t put yourself in the path of a brown recluse? Try not to leave clothes and shoes on the floor and exercise caution when moving boxes and crates in your home that aren’t moved very often. For more information, contact the pest control specialists at Brady Pest & Termite Management!

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