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The Differences Between Carpenter Bees and Ants in Columbia, IL

Identifiers of Carpenter Bees

Know the threats and identifiers of carpenter bees and carpenter ants

The destruction caused by carpenter bees and carpenter ants looks very similar. Both carve through wood structures, compromising their structural integrity which becomes more severe as time goes on. However, understanding the differences between carpenter bees and carpenter ants can help you understand how to eradicate the problem.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bee Carpenter bees pose a huge threat to the wooden structures of your home, including your deck, fence, and shed. Unlike most species of bees, which are very social and form hives or nests with hundreds or even thousands of other bees, carpenter bees are solitary. They carve through wood structures to create a safe, private place to lay their eggs and store their food. They leave behind significant structural damage that becomes increasingly severe over time.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter AntMost species of ant are simply a nuisance. While Columbia, IL, homeowners may take strides to get rid of the ants that they see coming into their home, ants are generally harmless and pose no danger to you or your home. Carpenter ants are another story. Unlike the common little black ants that you may find in your kitchen or bathroom, carpenter ants are capable of causing structural damage to moist, decaying wood. They don’t eat the wood like termites, but they do carve holes and galleries to form their colonies. As these colonies grow over time, so does the damage.

Identifying the Species

While the damage caused by these two pests looks similar, you can identify which species is the culprit by keeping an eye on the damaged area. If the problem is a bee infestation, then you’ll typically see a male bee buzzing around the entrance of the carved hole, acting as a guard to keep intruders out. However, if it is a carpenter ant infestation, you’ll see ants coming and going from the nest, bringing food back for the colony.

No matter which species is responsible for the damage, it’s important to get fast help from a professional. Carpenter bees and carpenter ants can cause extensive – and expensive – damage to your home, compromising its beauty and structural integrity. Our experts at Brady Pest & Termite Management are experienced in completely eradicating any household pest, helping you get rid of ants and bees who are looking for a new place to call home, and preventing further damage to your property. Give us a call today to set up your consultation.

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