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Keep an Eye on These Areas of Your Troy, IL Home for Mice and Rats

Mice And Rats in Homes of Troy IL

Where Are Mice and Rats Most Likely to Be Found in My Troy, IL Home?

Mice and RatsEveryone knows the signs of mice and rat infestation: the food bags, containers, and wires that have been chewed through, the sound of squeaks and scurrying feet at night, and of course, the droppings that are left behind. But where are the rodents coming from? Where do they spend their sleeping hours in your home? Here are a few places that mice and rats are most likely to be hiding in your home.

The Attic

Surprisingly, mice and rats are proficient climbers, and attics make a perfect nesting spot for them. Attics are generally well-insulated against the elements, they have soft insulation and cardboard that offer comfy bedding for critters, and they generally see very little human traffic.

Inside Your Walls

If you hear scratching and scurrying behind your walls, then you can be sure there are rodents living in them. Not only is this enough to make you squeamish, but it’s also dangerous. Mice and rats chewing through electrical wires are among the chief causes of house fires, meaning that if you suspect a rodent infestation, the time to act is now.

The Basement

Your basement is likely a catch-all for a lot of different things, from sporting equipment in the coldest months of Troy, IL, to your surplus inventory of non-perishable food items and household goods. Basements are also often dark, warm, and humid, which makes an appealing home for vermin. Mice and rats typically enter a basement at ground level, and they are notoriously good at sneaking in through impossibly tight spaces. If you notice any cracks or holes around your basement, make sure that you fill them in as soon as possible.

The Garage

Mice and Rat ControlMost garage doors have gaps around them that are plenty big enough for rats or mice to creep in through. Like basements, garages can be the landing spots for a wide array of items that aren’t used every day. Mice and rats love garages because they offer plenty to chew on, perhaps even including your vehicle. Tires and wires are common snacks for vermin, potentially costing you a significant amount of money and stress.These are just a few favorite hangouts that mice and rodents have around your home. They may also take up residence in your kitchen counters, your bathroom, your bedroom, or anywhere else that meets their flexible criteria of a suitable home. If you suspect a rodent infestation, give Brady Pest & Termite Management a call. We can evaluate your problem and guide you through the next steps of getting rid of mice and rats.

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