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  • Is Termite Damage Threatening Your Home? Termites have the potential to cause major damage in your home, and they're active in almost every part of the United States, so it's understandable that you'd worry about their potential to infest your home in Edwardsville, IL. There are several types of termites, the most common being drywood, subterranean, and Formosan. Drywood termites are found[...]

    What is a crawlspace vapor barrier and how can it keep my St. Clair County home safe? Maintained, your home's crawl space can make an excellent storage space for seasonal items. In order to fully utilize the space, however, you have to be able to keep it dry and free of pests. In the hot and often humid summers of St. Clair County, it can be difficult to completely eliminate insects and other [...]

    What Winter Pests Are Common to Homes in the St. Louis Metro-East Area? Since the weather has cooled and people have headed indoors to warm up, pests often get the same idea. Unfortunately, it may be your house that they're retreating to. The homes in the St. Louis Metro-East area are prone to a variety of household pests, particularly in the winter. Here are a few to watch for. Spiders These [...]

    Where Are Mice and Rats Most Likely to Be Found in My Troy, IL Home? Everyone knows the signs of mice and rat infestation: the food bags, containers and wires that have been chewed through, the sound of squeaks and scurrying feet at night, and of course, the droppings that are left behind. But where are the rodents coming from? Where do they spend their sleeping hours in your home? Here are a [...]

    Know What to Do About Brown Recluse Spiders in Madison County, IL Brown recluse spiders are among the most feared spiders in existence, but few people who haven't come in contact with them actually know much about them. Those who have come in contact with the brown recluse will tell you: they aren't as big and scary as you might believe, and generally, they only bite humans when threatened. Here[...]

    Know the threats and identifiers of carpenter bees and carpenter ants The destruction caused by carpenter bees and carpenter ants looks very similar. Both carve through wood structures, compromising its structural integrity that becomes more severe as time goes on. However, understanding the differences between carpenter bees and carpenter ants can help you understand how to eradicate the [...]

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