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Best Strategies for Pest-Free Back-to-School Season in Collinsville, IL

pest control during the back-to-school season Collinsville, IL
preventing pest infestations in your home during back-to-school season Collinsville, IL

As the excitement of summer winds down and kids prepare to head back to school, it’s essential to ensure your Collinsville, IL home is ready for the transition. One often overlooked aspect of this preparation is pest prevention. The last thing you want is for unwanted pests to disrupt your family’s daily routine. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to keeping your home pest-free as you welcome the back-to-school season.

Start with a Clean Slate

Before the school year begins, it’s a good idea to deep clean your home. This not only creates a fresh and inviting environment for your family but also eliminates potential hiding spots for pests. Keep the floors of your home clean by sweeping, moping, and vacuuming frequently. Your kids will likely be dragging in crumbs and other kinds of things from school that will attract pests to your home. Pay close attention to the kitchen, as crumbs and food residue can attract pests like ants and cockroaches.

Repair Any Leaks and Cracks

Pests often find their way into homes through small cracks and openings. Inspect your home for any gaps in doors, windows, and walls. Repair or seal them promptly to prevent insects and rodents from infiltrating your living space. Pay special attention to areas near pipes and utility entrances.

Store Food Properly

Another crucial step in pest prevention is proper food storage. Invest in airtight containers for dry goods and keep perishables in the refrigerator or sealed containers. Teach your children the importance of not leaving food out, as even a small snack left on a countertop can attract unwanted pests.

Regularly Empty Trash Bins

Emptying your trash bins frequently is essential to prevent odors that can attract pests. Make it a habit to take out the trash before bedtime and be sure to clean the trash cans regularly to remove any lingering odors.

Implement a Pest Control Plan

Consider working with a professional pest control service around Collinsville, IL to implement preventive measures in and around your home. They can provide you with valuable insights into potential problem areas and recommend treatments to keep pests at bay. Regular inspections and treatments can go a long way towards maintaining a pest-free environment.

Educate Your Family

Teach your children about the importance of pest prevention. Encourage them to clean up after themselves and store their belongings properly. By instilling these habits early on, you can reduce the risk of pest infestations caused by forgetfulness or negligence.

Collinsville, IL fall school pest control at home

Be Mindful of Backpacks and Lunchboxes

Backpacks and lunchboxes often carry crumbs and food residue that can attract pests. Encourage your children to shake out their backpacks and empty their lunchboxes daily. Cleaning these items regularly can help prevent pests from being brought into your home inadvertently.

If you want to learn more ways to protect your home during the back-to-school season this year in Collinsville, IL, contact Brady Pest & Termite Management today!

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