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  • Carpenter Bee Information for Maryville, IL Area Homeowners

    When you think of bees, the first types that probably come to mind are honeybees and bumblebees. However, there are various other species that can find their way into your home, including carpenter bees. Here’s what you need to know about carpenter bees in the Maryville, IL, area.

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    What Are Carpenter Bees?

    Carpenter bees aren’t like your average bee. You will most commonly see large carpenter bees which look similar to bumblebees but often have a more metallic, colorful look to them. You’ll also notice that the yellow hairs on the legs of carpenter bees aren’t as noticeable as they are on bumblebees, so carpenter bees have a less yellow look to them overall.

    You may notice carpenter bees crawling in and out of your walls at times. This is because carpenter bees tunnel through wood to make their nests, although they don’t actually eat the wood they tunnel through.

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    Are Carpenter Bees Dangerous?

    For the most part, you don’t have to worry about carpenter bees. Carpenter bees are generally considered to be pretty docile creatures, and the male bees don’t even have stingers to hurt you with.

    What you really have to worry about with carpenter bees is the damage they do to structures. Carpenter bees will continue to tunnel through your walls for as long as you leave them alone, boring out more and more space and weakening them structurally.

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    Getting Rid of Carpenter Bees

    Getting rid of a carpenter bee infestation is much like getting rid of any stinging insects. The first thing you’ll need to do is have the infestation inspected by a professional to determine where the infestation is and what kind of damage it’s caused. After this, a pest control professional will use insecticide on the bees’ entry points so that insecticide is carried inside the walls by returning bees and spread throughout the hive.

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    Get Some Help

    Have you noticed large bees coming in and out of the walls of your Maryville, IL, home? If so, you probably have a carpenter bee infestation. The good news is, the pest control and pest removal professionals at Brady Pest & Termite Management can help you get your carpenter bee problem under control and repair the damage they’ve done. Give us a call at (844) 549-7607 to learn more or schedule an appointment today.