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House Spider Behavior During the Winter O’Fallon, IL

keep house spiders out of home O'Fallon, IL

As the cold winds of winter blow, most of us cozy up in our warm homes in O’Fallon, IL, seeking refuge from the harsh weather outside. However, little do we know that we are not the only ones seeking warmth and shelter during this season. House spiders, those eight-legged arachnids, become a more significant problem in our homes during the winter months. While some may argue that they are harmless, their increased presence can be a cause for concern. In this blog post, we will explore why house spiders can become a worse problem in your home during the winter.

Seeking Shelter from the Cold

House spiders are cold-blooded creatures, which means their activity slows down in colder temperatures. To survive, they search for warm and sheltered places, and our cozy homes offer the perfect refuge. As the temperature drops outside, you may notice a surge in the number of house spiders inside your home. They often enter through cracks, gaps, or open doors and windows, seeking warmth and protection from the elements.

Increased Reproduction

Like many insects and arachnids, house spiders tend to reproduce more in warmer conditions. In the winter, the warmth of your home can create a conducive environment for their reproduction. Female house spiders can lay hundreds of eggs, and you might find more spiderlings emerging during this season, further exacerbating the problem.

Limited Food Supply

Another reason house spiders become more problematic in the winter is the scarcity of food. Many insects, their primary source of sustenance, become less active or die off during the colder months. With fewer insects to prey on, house spiders may venture closer to human living spaces in search of a meal. You might encounter more webs and spiders in areas like basements, attics, and garages, where these critters are more likely to find their prey.

Darker Days and Longer Nights

Winter days are shorter, which means longer periods of darkness. House spiders are nocturnal creatures, and the extended nighttime hours offer them ample opportunity to move around and find suitable hiding spots. This nocturnal behavior can make it more challenging to spot and remove them from your home, allowing their populations to grow unchecked.

Health Concerns

While most house spiders are not venomous or harmful to humans, their presence can still lead to health concerns. Spider bites, though rare, can result in itching, swelling, or allergic reactions in some individuals. Additionally, spider droppings and shed skin can contribute to indoor air quality issues and allergies. It is essential to be vigilant about spider infestations, especially if you have allergies or sensitive individuals in your household.

O'Fallon, IL homeowners guide to keeping house spiders out

Psychological Impact

Even if you are not particularly afraid of spiders, their increased presence can cause psychological distress for some people. The sight of numerous spiders and webs around your O’Fallon, IL home can lead to anxiety and discomfort, making it an even worse problem during the winter.

If you live in the O’Fallon, IL area and are looking for a company to help keep spiders out of your home this winter, contact Brady Pest & Termite Management control today!

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