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A Way to Keep Wasps & Carpenter Bees Away From Your Maryville, Illinois Home

A Way to Keep Wasps & Carpenter Bees Away From Your Maryville, Illinois Home

We serve the Maryville, Illinois area, and we have noticed a few stinging insects are common, including carpenter bees, yellow jackets, mud daubers, and yellow jackets. Paper wasps and yellow jackets are usually social insects and can create a swarm to defend their nests. Mud daubers are wasps that are not as dangerous as the social wasps because they are solitary. Even though they are not as harmful, it would still ruin your day if you accidentally placed your hand on one. When it comes to carpenter bees, they are on the less threatening side when it comes to stinging you. However, these tiny insects can still cause some damage to your home and become unwelcome guests. Summer is the season for bug bites and stings. Therefore, it is crucial that you are aware of a different way to make sure your home and family are protected this summer.

Standing Water Removal

InsectAn essential building block of life is water. However, this vital building block can also attract stinging insects. If you have containers that capture rainwater or puddles, they are the main attractors of stinging insects. Removing these containers from your yard is a tip we strongly suggest. Also, making sure that your gutters are clear of any blockages is a vital step to prevent puddles from forming. Another tip would be to fix any leaking spigots or other outdoor plumbing issues to address moisture concerns and prevent insects from coming to the puddles.

Wood Paint

Some insects, including carpenter bees, create their nests inside of wood. Whether it is a fence, patio, deck, or another form of outdoor wooden structure, these bees will try to create their nests in it. Painting these outdoor structures could prevent the carpenter bees from trying to build their nests in them. However, simply using a stain is not effective against these insects because they can still recognize the wood underneath the stain.

Seal Entry Points in Outdoor Structures

A specific type of insect that likes to create its nest in voids is the yellow jacket. They typically settle down in ground holes and other openings in your yard/patio. A way to adequately deter these insects from creating a permanent residence in your yard is by filling in all of the ground holes as well as sealing entry points to your outdoor structures. Doing this will deter yellow jackets, and carpenter bees as getting into voids can allow them to find wood and create new nests.

Botanical Products

WaspsBesides yellow jackets and carpenter bees, mud daubers are also a common insect we see in the Maryville, IL area. They tend to build their nests in sheltered locations, including underneath decks or other vulnerable areas. To solve your mud dauber problem, try using a botanical product that contains eucalyptus oil or citronella. These ingredients are vital in helping solve your mud dauber problem.

Other Insects

Being a predatory insect, wasps are commonly attracted to two things meats and sweets. If they are not getting their sweets from flowers, they will start to hunt down for a source of protein. Having a yard full of other insects will give wasps a reason to come into and make a residence in your yard. Reducing the number of bugs you have in your yard will reduce the number of wasps that come into it.

Protect your Trash

Another way that wasps will find their way into your yard is through your trash. They are attracted to the sweets and meats that are commonly found in trash cans. To prevent this, make sure that your trash cans have covers. This method also can help keep away yellow jackets.


Most insects are drawn to lights, including wasps. A way to solve this problem is by making sure your outdoor lights are off. Also, another way to prevent wasps from being attracted to light is by closing your curtains so that your inside lights do not leak into your yard.

The Best Solution

Having a professional come in and perform routine treatments and routine inspections is one of the smartest things you can do. We here at Brady Pest & Termite Management are known for helping our customers in the Maryville, Illinois area with all their insect and other pest needs. So give us a call today, and we can set up an inspection to make sure your yard stays stinging insect-free this summer.

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